How to Prank Call People as Joe Biden

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How to Prank Call People as Joe Biden using candycall.io

Have you ever imagined calling your friends as the President of the United States and hearing their bewildered reactions? Well, now you can! With candycall.io, pulling off the ultimate prank call as Joe Biden has never been easier or more hilarious.

Unleashing Presidential Humor with candycall.io

Prank calls have been a timeless form of entertainment, adored by mischief-makers across the globe. However, in today’s digital era, the game has substantially upgraded. candycall.io enables you to impersonate public figures like Joe Biden with uncanny precision, adding an extra layer of hilarity to your prank calls. Before we dive into the ‘how,’ let’s make sure you’re doing it for a good laugh and not to cause distress or harm.

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

First things first, hop onto candycall.io and create an account or log in if you’ve already joined the ranks of master pranksters. Remember, it’s free to sign up, and the process is quicker than Joe Biden signing an executive order!

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the App

Take a moment to get to know the app. Navigate through candycall.io’s user-friendly interface, check out the pricing for the call credits (trust us, they’re as budget-friendly as a bipartisan deal), and understand how the platform works. It’s imperative to know thy tools before executing the perfect prank.

Step 3: Choose the Joe Biden Prank Call Feature

Within the app, you’ll find a treasure trove of prank call scenarios and impersonations. For today’s mission, you’ll select the Joe Biden option. Prepare to be amazed as candycall.io’s sophisticated AI transforms your voice into that of the 46th President, complete with his distinct Delaware cadence.

Step 4: Craft Your Presidential Script

It’s showtime! Script your message with a blend of Joe Biden’s mannerisms and your personal touch of humor. Keep it light, funny, and make sure it’s something that’ll get a good laugh without crossing the line. Once you’re happy with your script, you can move on to the next step.

Step 5: Make the Call

Enter your friend’s phone number and let candycall.io take care of the rest. The platform will call your friend and deliver your message with such a believable Joe Biden voice that they’ll be left wondering if they’ve just been tapped for a top-secret government project or invited to the Oval Office!

Step 6: Share and Enjoy

After the call concludes, don’t forget to share the recording (given the laws in your area allow for it – always be legal and ethical) with your circle. It’s not every day that one receives a call from the President, even if it’s just a perfectly executed prank. Bask in the glory of your prankster skills!

Tips for a Successful Joe Biden Prank Call

  • Research: Listen to a few of Joe Biden’s speeches to get the tone and speech patterns down.
  • Be Creative: Incorporate elements that are unique to the person you’re calling to make it more convincing.
  • Keep It Short: Long pranks might lose their charm. Keep it concise to maximize the laughter.


Prank calling as Joe Biden is a surefire way to elicit laughs and create memorable moments among friends. With the innovative capabilities of candycall.io, it’s never been more straightforward or more fun. Just remember to use your prank powers for good, and ensure that your calls remain in the realm of good-spirited fun.

Ready to take on the Presidential challenge? Sign up or log in at candycall.io today and get ready to deliver some executive-level humor!