How to Prank Call People as Donald Trump

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How to Prank Call People as Donald Trump with candycall.io

Prank calls have been a staple of radio shows and friend groups for decades, and now with the rise of AI technology, candycall.io has taken the hilarity to a whole new level. Imagine calling your friend as none other than the former President, Donald Trump. Yes, it’s possible, and we’ll show you how to do it in a way that’s all in good fun, without crossing the line.

Getting Started with candycall.io

First things first, you’ll need to visit candycall.io and create an account. Once you’re set up, you’ll be greeted with a range of ‘characters’ you can choose to embody in your prank call, from celebrities to politicians, and yes, Donald Trump is among the most popular choices.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Choose Your Character: Select the Donald Trump option on the homepage of candycall.io.
  2. Customize Your Call: Enter the initial message that will kick off the call. Make sure it’s something believable but also light-hearted.
  3. Craft Your Script: Use the provided prompt box to write out what ‘Donald Trump’ will say. The AI is pretty good at mimicking his speech patterns, but the content is up to you.
  4. Enter the Phone Number: Add the number of the friend you want to prank. Make sure you have their consent for prank calls to avoid any discomfort.
  5. Schedule Your Call: Choose when the call should be made. Timing is everything in comedy!
  6. Hit ‘Call’: Sit back and let candycall.io do its magic.

Creative and Respectful Prank Call Ideas

It’s crucial that prank calls are done in good taste. Here are a few scenarios where you could use Donald Trump’s voice to bring a laugh without going too far:

  • Job Offer: Have ‘Trump’ call your friend to offer them a position as his new social media advisor. The more outlandish the job responsibilities, the better.
  • Golf Invitation: Maybe ‘Trump’ is looking for a new golf buddy at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Fake Reality Show: How about being scouted for a new, never-before-seen reality TV show hosted by Trump himself?

Remember, the goal is to make everyone laugh, including the person on the other end of the line. Avoid sensitive topics and keep it friendly.


candycall.io has provided a unique platform to create memorable, funny, and harmless pranks. Whether you’re trying to fool a friend into thinking they’ve caught the eye of a former president, or just looking to share a laugh, candycall.io.io’s AI-powered prank calls are sure to do the trick. Just remember to prank responsibly!

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In conclusion, if you’re searching for a way to create lighthearted moments with friends or family, look no further than Candycall.io. Our Joe Biden prank calls are a fantastic way to spread cheer (with a little presidential flair!) and remind us all not to take life too seriously. So why not try it out? It’s just a click away, and the memories you create will last much longer than the call itself. We are not legally responsible for how much fun you may have.

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